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Join A Life Group

Walk through life with others while growing as a disciple of Jesus.
Connecting is life giving and essential to your spiritual growth.

Why Are Life Groups So Important?

We believe that the work Jesus was to do while in ministry on earth was to make disciples of a group of twelve men who would then reach the world with the good news and build the church. Jesus then passed on this assignment to all those who beleive in Jesus today. Therefore, we embrace the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) as our church's primary mission. This is a major challenge, thankfully we have an excellent teacher.


In accomplishing His work, Jesus modeled a life-on-life method that was both intentional and deeply relational. It is our core mission to make disciples who love and live like Jesus and because of Jesus' example we know that the best "vehicle" for moving towards that target is to grow in Christ's likeness as we do life together in a small group.

What Is A Life Group?

At Riverside a Life Group is a gathering of 8 to 14 people who meet regularly, most often in each other’s homes, to establish a sense of community and live out the reality of a Christian life together as we move through life. The purpose of Life Groups is to care for each other and grow together into disciples of Jesus through intentional relationships. Groups meet everyday of the week at different times in homes throughout Fort Myers and on campus Sunday morning.


The benefits of participating in a Life Group are far reaching.  In the context of this smaller "spiritual family" you will be able to establish deeper relationships in a safe environment. You will be accepted for who you are while at the same time encouraged to explore and reach your full potential in God. This small group will be a discipling and care-giving community as well as a place to grow in areas of serving others.

Get Connected

To get connected in a Life Group in your area, click the button above,

or call or email Matt Nations at (239) 689-9000 and Matt@RiversideChurch.org