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We, at Riverside, are called to live and love like Jesus. Figuring out how to do this well in a community can be a challenge. However, God has made a way for us to do just that.

Beginning in August 2020, we were given an incredible opportunity to partner with Edgewood

Academy an elementary school in downtown Fort Myers.

Schools are a foundational piece of every neighborhood. Investing in the support of schools will help to make a lifelong difference in the lives of the children who attend. Even more far reaching, this partnership will lead the way to help transform the surrounding community.

Edgewood Academy, with its 38 teachers and 512 students, is a wonderfully diverse community.

The students are full of curiosity, the teachers are passionate about teaching, and the principal

and administrative staff are committed to excellence.

Click the links below to partner with Edgewood:



Weekend Food Bags
Blank Bag.png


Many kids at Edgewood only get solid meals while at school. This means on the weekends, some will not eat a full meal until they get back to school on Monday. We want to step in and help meet this need. 


If you would like to be a part of providing meals, either download the food list and pick up some items as you grocery shop or visit the Amazon list linked below to have items shipped directly to us. 

Life Group/Teacher Partnerships
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