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Riverside Staff & Elders



Steve Pruitt

Steve grew up in East Tennessee and went to grad school at Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas. He has been a pastor since 1993 and has served in TN, TX, GA, and joined our team in November 2018. Steve has spent lots of time with young adults and has a passion to see them lead the church. He’s good with his hands and enjoys dabbling in graphic arts and guitar. He speaks Spanish badly but is fluent with a computer. He and Wendy like to travel, and she is a better teacher than he is.

Steve and Wendy met through the youth ministry where Steve came to Christ. They served together and married in 1993. Wendy has taught in the public school system and led in kids ministry. She likes to spend the summer remodeling the house or sitting on the beach. They’re good at both of those.


Steve and Wendy have three beautiful daughters: Meg is studying Graphic Design at the University of Georgia, Madison is studying nursing at Florida Southwestern, and Kenzie just got her driver’s license. Two of them love soccer. One loves mountain biking!


Steve considers himself a teacher and dreamer with a passion for both evangelism and discipleship. He believes Jesus ministered in ways that engaged both the lost and the found. He believes the Church belongs to Jesus, so it should serve and reach all the people Jesus loved—both devout and desperate.

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