Riverside Staff & Elders



Richard Craig

Richard and his wife, Annie are both from Indiana. Richard grew up in Indianapolis where he served as a firefighter for 30 years. He grew up close to his Dad and older Brother. He was taught how to design, repair, and build all sorts of projects including construction and custom cars. After retiring in 2006, he and Annie decided to take time to travel the states. Annie has been a nurse for 30 years which allowed them to do Travel Nursing. 


They both love the outdoors and all the adventures that come with it. They enjoy backpacking and camping, biking and kayaking, the beach and the mountains. Volunteering is a real passion for both of them. Serving other people, hearing their stories and sharing in life with them is so important. They always try to bring hope, love and compassion for those in need.   


Richard and Annie have four children, seven grandchildren and one dog named Tator. Annie grew up in Northern Indiana with lake effect snow. After working a travel job in Naples, she and Richard decided to buy a home in sunny Florida. They found that they can be active outside all year long. But the best thing they found was Riverside Church. They discovered that the people inside were just like family. 


Once they both retire, their desire is to serve in crisis situations, whether in the states or abroad.