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Riverside Staff & Elders




Kendall is a lifetime tumbleweed, and was 40 before ever living in the same place for 5 years in a row. She and her husband, Bill, retired to Florida in 2020 after sending their youngest child, Marc, off to the Naval Academy. Their oldest, Nicole (Cole), recently graduated from Baylor and is a fourth-grade teacher in Waco, TX.


Kendall and Bill met in graduate school in New York and just celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary.  They love baseball, traveling, and visiting family.  Kendall also loves puzzles, projects, languages, reading, and finance and thoroughly enjoyed following God's direction to homeschool both kids from K-12.  She is used to family members teasing her about her "geek" tendencies.

Kendall joined our team in January of 2022 and helps to keep our facilities team organized and on track.

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